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Our services in the Oil and Gas exploration in the industry involves the research and discovery of potential drilling and extraction sites through various surveys, analyses, and tests. This process is crucial as it is the first step in the oil and gas production chain. Exploration methods include seismographic methods, gravity and magnetic surveying, and surface methods to map underground rock formations.

We focus on locating hydrocarbon deposits by studying rock formations, sediment layers, and conducting surveys to estimate reserves before drilling. Once viable fields are identified, production of oil wells begins, followed by extraction of oil and gas deposits for further processing and distribution.

Oil Production

Our Oil production services encompass a range of crucial activities in the oil and gas industry. These services include well tending, meter calibrating and measurement, pumpjack repairs and installations, and GPU repairs. We provide essential services such as engineering, maintenance, geological surveying, and non-destructive testing across all phases of production, with a focus on upstream activities when exploration and production are booming.


Our refinery services, are primarily downstream functions that involve refining crude oil into various energy sources like gasoline, natural gas liquids, diesel, and other petroleum products.

Our refinery services is essential for investors looking to capitalize on opportunities in the oil and gas industry.


Our Oil distribution services involve the transportation, storage, and delivery of crude oil and refined petroleum products to various markets. These services are crucial for ensuring the smooth flow of oil and gas products from production sites to consumers.

Investors looking to capitalize on opportunities in the oil and gas industry should understand our role in this business.

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Our Oil and Gas industry consulting services encompass a wide range of activities that help companies navigate the complexities of the oil and gas sector. These services include:

  • Strategic consulting: Helping companies develop strategies to pursue growth and create value in an uncertain and volatile environment. This includes capital project planning, digital and advanced analytics, and organizational engineering.
  • Operational improvements: Guiding clients in improving their operational efficiency and effectiveness, often leveraging digital technologies to achieve step-change transformations in operations and business outcomes.
  • Sustainability and decarbonization: Assisting companies in their transition to a more sustainable and inclusive future by guiding them through the implementation of energy solutions, petroleum asset excellence, and optimizing their businesses to capture the potential of tight gas, shale gas, and light tight oil.
  • Energy solutions: Providing insights, analysis, and benchmarking to help energy companies manage uncertainty and improve performance.
  • Digital transformation: Assisting companies in scaling their digital pilots to fully implemented solutions, ensuring they achieve maximum return on investment.
  • Go-to-market strategy: Enhancing commercial functions to deliver top and bottom line growth.
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Advising on the strategic aspects of energy transition deals, helping companies navigate the complexities of the energy sector.

  • Industrial architecture: Offering an integrated approach to help industrial companies make the leap from digital pilots to fully scaled implementations.